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Wingmakers was born from the desire to make financial wellness possible for

those who feel turned-off by or left-out-of mainstream approaches to money.

For many people, money is uncomfortable to think about. Bringing it to mind can bring up shame, anxiety, aversion, overwhelm, anger, and a yearning for a world free from the injustice and suffering capitalism creates (especially for those directly affected by racism, ableism, sexism, homophobia, classism, and colonialism).


All of this can have us feeling frozen or avoidant when it comes to engaging with the realm of money, which leaves us further disadvantaged.


Mainstream personal finance culture often touts a "pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps" mentality that is devoid of nuance or healthy criticism of the system at-large. It also tends to leave out a crucial point: that money healing is not only about money. Increasing our income, maximizing our savings, and having a diversified stock portfolio will not, alone, transform us into someone who's fundamentally empowered in relation to money.

Rather, engaging in healing around money is a deep and complex undertaking. It intimately involves our emotions, our values, our unconscious behavioral patterns, our unmet needs, our deep-seated desires, our childhood messaging, our societal conditioning, systemic forms of oppression, ancestral wounds, our spirituality, and the meaning we make of life.

Wingmakers is here to be a hand to hold in the dark, offering holistic, context-sensitive, and non-judgmental guidance toward a re-patterned money relationship.

May we individually and collectively learn to live in balance and reciprocity with ourselves, each other, and this earth.

With love,

Lyndsey Harrington


Who Wingmakers is Intended For

The realm of money is a vast one, and financial challenges can come in many shapes and sizes. Over the years, I've worked with people from a range of backgrounds, and through that I've found that there are certain conditions that make someone a good fit for working with me.​

This offering is designed for you if (some or all of the following):

- You tend to be avoidant around money,

and thinking or talking about it feels stressful.

- You're living paycheck-to-paycheck, finding it difficult 

to build savings.

- You're stuck in a pattern of

spending beyond your means.

- You're trying to be free of debt, especially credit card

debt or student loan debt.

If you have questions about whether Wingmakers is

right for you, please email me at


Foundation Session

The Foundation Session is designed to turn the soil of the participant's current money relationship and lay a fertile foundation for financial wellness. It is for people who are looking to receive personalized care around their finances in a low-commitment way. Foundations sessions are held over Zoom and span for two dedicated hours, where we focus on the emotional and practical aspects that are most present for you around your money.


There will be pre-homework to complete, so that we can make the most of our time together. Once in session, we will address potential limiting beliefs, identify ongoing behavioral patterns, and introduce a spending plan practice to identify where immediate and longterm changes could be made.

Exchange: $300

12-Week Program

I offer a twelve-week private coaching container designed for people looking to fundamentally re-pattern and re-orient around money, and who are in a position time-wise and resource-wise to invest in consistent support. After a preliminary call, we'll meet weekly for an hour over Zoom for twelve weeks, with 1-2 hours of homework in-between sessions.


The specific content and exercises we engage in will be highly-personalized, tailored to your specific challenges and goals, though all programs include elements that address the emotional and practical aspects of the money relationship. These include but are not limited to: weekly journaling prompts, guided meditations, addressing and moving through internal & external blocks, crafting a personalized budget, illuminating life dreams and values, selecting savings techniques, discussing investing and retirement, and more.

Exchange: $2,200

The Foundations of Money Healing Group Course

This by-donation class serves as an extended Foundation Session, but with the added support of week-to-week accountability, all while held in an approachable, judgement-free group container.

Some things we cover in class:

- Identifying and transforming limiting financial beliefs.

- Ancestral and childhood influences.

- Getting intimate with our spending and "what life costs".

- Crafting a personalized spending plan (budget).

- Debt-payoff and savings strategies.

- Financial care as spiritual practice.

- Creating and working with a money altar.

& more!


There will be 1-2 hours of homework each week between sessions, and participants will have access to a private Discord group where we'll share questions, reflections, resources, updates, etc. Given the sensitive nature of money, the specifics of our financial details will not be shared with one-another.


All classes will be recorded and sent to participants, in case you need to miss a live session.

The suggested donation for this class is $250, but any donation amount will be welcome.

The next course begins September 2024

Registration will open in July. If interested, please add yourself to the mailing list to be updated.

Hello! My name is Lyndsey (she/her). I live in the Catskill Mountains, NY

with my partner and our cat, Poppyseed.

My own journey with money has been my greatest source of inspiration for this offering. For much of my life, money was something I found nauseating and overwhelming to think about. I was prone to avoidance and impulsive behavior when it came to money, which led me into consumer and high student loan debt, a paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle with little to no savings, and a high level of financial anxiety.


When I reached my late-twenties, through a series of painful rock-bottom events, life held a big mirror up for me around money. I knew it was time to make big changes, however overwhelming and uncomfortable the process would be.


The training I had in the healing arts helped me recognize that my patterns weren't going to be remedied by practical finance tools alone. I sensed, instead, that the roots of my behavior ran deep, back into my childhood and my ancestral lineage before that. I knew that my fears around engaging with my money consciously couldn't just be boiled down to recklessness or laziness, but were the manifestations of unmet needs deep within me that were flailing, trying to get met.


So, in the following years, I turned my focus to the emotional, pragmatic, and spiritual aspects of money healing, and soon my money relationship began to radically change. I didn't have a teacher or coach, so I absorbed wisdom wherever I could find it. My education came from many sources: somatic healers, minimalists, mainstream finance whizzes, zen masters, Marie Kondo, anarchists, wealthy friends and relatives, un-wealthy friends and relatives, witches, Byron Katie, renunciate monks, pleasure activists, zealots on YouTube, and Existential Kink experts.

After a while, I made my way to the other side of the painful money wormhole I'd been traveling through. For the first time in my life, I felt at-ease, more creative, more playful, and in-charge when it came to my money. I started talking about money with family and friends more frequently, and soon discovered that many people I talked to were seeking to feel more empowered in relationship to their finances, as well.


So, during the lockdown in 2020, I began weaving together all the tools that I'd found the most effective over the years, and came up with a curriculum for a money healing program that I invited a few friends to participate in. Through that, Wingmakers was born.

This work has been and continues to be one of the greatest

honors and joys of my life.


My prayer is that, wherever you are on your money journey, you find the people and the resources that will help you feel less alone, and you feel as though the changes you seek for your life are within reach.

With love and many blessings,


My Story



"Working with Lyndsey was one of the deepest healing journeys of my adult life. Before I started Wingmakers, I was terrified to talk about money or look at my finances closely, and frankly the idea of making a budget made me nauseous! Within our very first session, Lyndsey created a compassionate, judgement-free space for me to process those fears, and soon I was able to check my bank account daily with minimal anxiety, and sometimes even with joy! Lyndsey's course is full-spectrum and the work is thorough. I got to address the spiritual and emotional blocks that were preventing me from looking at my finances. I was able to heal some of my ancestral trauma around abundance and also learned to create a practical budget for myself that feels in alignment with my current life circumstances. In this uncertain time of late stage capitalism, where our relationship to resources, wealth, and power are desperately begging to be healed, I cannot recommend this work more highly. Thank you Lyndsey for sharing your gifts and bringing more light into my money shadow."


- Victoria G.


"Lyndsey helped me to look at aspects of my finances that I had needed to address for the past 10 years, but had been afraid to look in the face. Every step of the way, I felt seen, supported, and celebrated by her. She creates a space of non-judgement that allows you to go deep in the work and bring your full self to it. I went from feeling anxious in approaching my finances to getting excited for money homework and looking forward to talking about money and budgeting. This work de-stigmatized talking about money and helped me enter into a place of self-acceptance and forgiveness, instilling in me a much needed sense of opportunity... The scared inner child is no longer running the show when it comes to money and I feel like a better parent to myself... This work is empowering."

- Elyssa J.


"In the weeks I spent meeting with Lyndsey, my relationship to money did a complete 180 shift. I went from avoiding conversations around money with my partner, to initiating them. I went from experiencing fear, anxiety, and resistance to reviewing my bank accounts, to checking them regularly with ease and looking forward to "paying myself first". I walked away with not only technical skills and methods for managing my money, but also a new perspective for how I can relate to money in my life. I know this is something I can truly benefit from for years to come and that I will pass down to my children. ​"

- Madeline S.

"This program is a gift. I enrolled in Wingmakers at a moment in time when I knew something needed to change. I’d been living month-to-month for years, and paying my credit card in full each month seemed like the best I could hope for. Having read many financial books over the years, I struggled with implementation, and never felt quite seen by the authors who seemed to occupy a different reality than me - a millennial artist. I truly needed a guide and witness who was just a few steps ahead of me to facilitate all that a money journey entails - from the most practical (spreadsheets and budgeting) to the most tender (childhood experiences and limiting beliefs). I struggle to imagine someone better suited to this work than Lyndsey; her compassion and ability to see into the core of all of my stuck places is remarkable. I was able to shift many deep habits and beliefs that had been operating in me unconsciously for years. It’s striking to see how much has changed in my life in just a few short months. I now have a visual map of my money which has given me a sense of ease, clarity and power over my life that I have never known around my finances. I’ve been building my savings and adding to my retirement account. Money conversations and negotiations feel less emotionally charged and no longer so tied to my worth. The effects of Wingmakers have rippled out in every direction - alongside the program I found a new direction and set of habits with my art-making in how I structure my practice and my days. I have a plan moving forward that gives me a sense of control and hope. I highly recommend taking advantage of this unique opportunity before Lyndsey’s career has expanded beyond this profound offering.."

- Jen K.

"To have Lyndsey as a confidant and guide during my journey around healing old money patterns has been transformative and has made seemingly insurmountable obstacles feel manageable and exciting. She is gentle and curious and holds a space where judgment has no place. Together we were able to create thoughtful goals and to celebrate even the smallest of victories. Though money work is deep and at times difficult, there was more laughter and lightness than I could have imagined. I finished each call feeling seen, supported, and inspired to continue."

- Katherine A.

"Wingmakers came at just the right time in my life. Within hours of signing up with Lyndsey, a financial hurdle I had been butting up against finally cleared, which felt like a mini-miracle. The intention she puts into every detail of helping you redefine your money world is done with grace & thoughtfulness. I looked forward to our weekly meetings like a child on Christmas, waiting to learn more about the mysteries of money that no one ever took the time to explain with as much joy & compassion as Lyndsey does. Lyndsey helped me open my eyes to the unseen beliefs I carried with me everyday into the world, which were blocking me from accessing the pleasurable flow-state money can have. Her deep listening helped me understand my unmet needs & enabled me to get a better grasp on why I didn't let money come into my life. I feel empowered to make decisions around money without holding my breath or clenching my jaw, remembering that there can be ease in the experience of spending or making money. As I enter my thirties, I feel confident & ecstatic to make decisions on how money is coming in & out of my life, weaving the material world with the spiritual. I no longer see those as separate, they are merely different realms that have the potential to open to the same flow of abundance. Lyndsey helps bridge the gap between pragmatism & the esoteric with finesse. No matter where you are on the money spectrum, Wingmakers couldn't come at a better time.."

- Siena P.

"Lyndsey is a minimalist Jedi, a bridge between worlds. She made financial wellness accessible and relatable. I am 43 years-old and have ignored the advice of countless well-meaning experts. Lyndsey was able to do pierce through the resistance. She helped me examine my money roots and gave me tools to make real foundational shifts. I am deeply grateful to have a more joyful relationship to money (and myself)."

- Kara A.

"The Wingmakers program has completely transformed my relationship to money. Lyndsey holds a most caring and compassionate container which allows for so much to be seen and held without judgment. I was able to shine light on the shadowy parts of my money world, trusting that I would be well supported in facing whatever arose. Things that I’ve avoided dealing with for my entire adult life were brought gently and considerately into the fold of my awareness and practice. Simultaneously, big shifts in my business began to take place as an unexpected and exciting result of this work. I especially appreciated how the program seamlessly weaves together practical tools with more magical aspects of money work. To anyone looking for deep and meaningful healing in this part of their life , I highly recommend this program and working with Lyndsey. I’m walking away feeling empowered, resourced and more at home in my self."

- Mary Evelyn P.

"Embarking on the journey of money healing for my life has truly been such a treasure, and this program designed by Lyndsey has gracefully ushered me forward in doing so! I am so appreciative of the strategic and spiritual aspects of working with money that Lyndsey has introduced to me, and I know that this knowledge will forever be in my practice with money."

- Cydney J.

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